--  Forward  --


    I am  happy  to write a short Forward for this Album of paintings by Mr Fan TzuTeng. The paintings do in fact speak for themselves, and  are not in need of comment. But as one who has enjoyed  looking  through  the album with its variety of styles, and with its freshness and vitality in each paintings. I cannot but feel that Mr Fan is an artist of considerable  talent and  great promise, who while comfining himself to the traditional forms  is able to infuse into them the life of Nature which he has felt in himself. The paintings selected will appeal differently to different individuals; the present writer would like to express especial  appreciation of the stunted pine trees,  the delicate orchids,  the  clean-cut bamboos, the disciplined chrysanthemum, and the black-birds hopping in the snow.


F.S. Drake

        November 28, 1962
        University of Hong Kong